Actress & Writer

Nicole D’Arcangelo is a classically trained actor with a B.A. in Dramatic Arts from Coastal Carolina University.  She was born outside Boston, Massachusetts and is a bit of a nomad. She has never lived in any state longer than six years, including a year and a half stint in Japan.  That is where the inspiration for her first book, Japan Guide…less: Emails from Japan, was inspired.

Nicole’s current project has her co-authoring a young adult portal fantasy series called The Jadesin Journals with Jacy Sellers.  Book 1 of the series, A Feather’s Force, released in 2019. You can get your copy here. Book 2, A Maven’s Key, published in December 2020 and is available now. Click here for yours today. You can find out more about the series at Espereva Ink Publishing and Goodreads.

Nicole’s first book, Japan Guide…less: Emails from Japan, is available here.

She can also be seen in the Avenue 52 music video Homeless.  To view, click here.